The path to Supply Chain Transparency with OriginTrail

Information asymmetry

  • The stakeholders in the Supply Chain have no incentive to share Data and Information
  • The stakeholders must not share information because it often assumes sharing their customer data or non-disclosed data
  • The stakeholders keep their data in different systems and formats and it is expensive to integrate the data toghether
  1. Incentivising Data Sharing. OriginTrail creates models where data is sold up or down the supply chain. Retailers can buy data from the manufacturer and vice-versa. Transparency and data sharing is incentivsed in the system.
  2. Focus on security of information. OriginTrail implements the Zero-Knowledge Proof (zk-SNARK) as part of the protocol. Sensitive data is protected, but can be used to prove that a given information is correct.
  3. Global Supply Chain Data Marketplace. By supporting global standards for data exchange (GS1, IoT, compliance standards), OriginTrail assures compatibility with existing ERP systems. OriginTrail has already a working integration with Microsoft Dynamics and other ERP software providers. OriginTrail is planning to offer an integration with SAP in the near future. It follows the goal of seamless and automatic data connection and interoperability between IT systems of different stakeholders in multi-organisation supply chains.



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Adrian Barwicki

Adrian Barwicki


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