Hack your ICO marketing strategy

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Google Trends for the term “ICO” in 2017
ICO Marketing Verticals

However, no matter how much you spend, it will not get serious traction unless it is marketed properly through growth-hacking strategies.

In this article, I’m going to give you some supplementary growth hacking strategies that you can use to market your ICO if you want to gain traction.

Let your community spread the word about your project

Most of the members of the community will hold your tokens and have a natural incentive to promote and share your content. The community picks up on promoting the content once a certain “virality” or “spread” threshold is met. Maja Voje (CMO of OriginTrail) did a great job in building the online community, managing it and creating a high value engagement among members.

Medium Stats for the post “The path to Supply Chain Transparency with OriginTrail”.
The post generated an avalanche of comments on Reddit.

Make the media talk about you

Come up with a unique and interesting story about your ICO and reach out to reporters. It serves the purpose of trust building and gives more exposure to an audience that does not normally follow the ICO sector.

Content strategy and email marketing

ETHLend Weekly E-Mail Updates — well executed e-mail strategy

Go out and meet potential investors

OriginTrail Team Q&A time during a meet-up

Proof of Care — Viral Marketing Tactic for Token Sale

Proof of Care is an approach to whitelisting for an ICO. It provides a novel and effective direct referral model of generating referrals from genuine early adopters, without the need for external incentives such as additional tokens, or competing interests through a bounty pool. You can structure your ICO in phases with the pre-sale being extremely limited. People who want to get whitelisted will have to write a blog post or invite a certain number of people to your ICO.



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